When can I expect to receive my order?

After your purchase, you will receive an email containing a link that will enable you to complete your download. If it doesn’t appear within a few minutes after payment, check your spam or junk folder. The link will eventually expire so it’s best to retrieve your files sooner than later.

What was it like being a student at Juilliard?

It was a real privilege for me to be around some of the world’s finest actors, dancers, and musicians. The talent within the halls at that school is simply amazing, which I found both humbling and inspiring. Living in New York City was also a wonderful experience as I was introduced to such a wide variety of music, my focus changed from performing to composing.

What was it like receiving your first Emmy Award?

I was thrilled beyond words! As a musician, producing good work has always been my first aspiration. Receiving an award for it was the last thing on my mind, so you can only imagine what a surprise it was to be nominated, let alone win an Emmy. Best of all, it was wonderful to share the experience with my family, and the good news with the supportive friends and teachers I had as a student.

Who are some of your musical influences?

The violin is my primary instrument, so I am most familiar with classical music. It’s difficult to say, however, which genre is my favorite since I grew up listening to many different composers and songwriters. When it comes to film music, the work of John Williams has perhaps been my greatest source of inspiration. The albums of jazz guitarist Pat Metheny introduced me to a whole new vocabulary and world of colors. I tend to listen to songs as a composer first and am always delighted when something new resonates with me, as did the simple and effective writing of SINGLE LADIES performed by Beyoncé.

Where did you get your blue violin?

An album cover featuring a 5-string electric of jazz violinist Jean-Luc Ponty inspired me to build my own when I was 17. I studied books on violin making and converted a cheaper instrument I had into the blue one I now use. Several months were spent on research and electronic circuitry design, and a whole summer was devoted to construction. To this day, I’m still pleasantly surprised by how well it turned out and how well it records.

Why doesn’t all of your sheet music have instrumental parts written out?

Unlike traditional classical music, many of my compositions are realized in the studio using a master rhythm or lead sheet as a guide. With only a melody and chord changes as an outline, my fellow musicians and I will improvise our parts and produce things as we go. If there is enough interest, transcriptions of the violin solos will be made available at some point.

Can I purchase a special arrangement of one of your works?

I do not currently offer arrangements other than those listed on my site. Feel free, however, to contact me concerning the commissioning of a new arrangement, concert work, or other musical compositions. I may consider adding additional content, if there is enough demand.

Will your store offer more music?

Most of the music I’ve produced over the years has been for television, but I plan to offer more M4A and PDF files in the near future. I’ll make new commissions and recordings available, so check back for the latest news. It can be very costly to prepare compositions for release, so I hope to receive the support necessary to make these things happen. Subscribe, donate, and tell your friends, but please don’t distribute your purchases. Thank you!